Child Custody Lawyer Eastpointe, MI

Protecting your child’s best interests in Eastpointe, MI

Divorce impacts your whole family. When children are involved, parents must balance the best interests of each child with their own needs. At the Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C., we are here to help you understand the various issues that arise in child custody matters.

Do you need answers to your child custody questions?

Regardless of how amicable your divorce may seem, child custody matters are emotional, stressful and challenging. Our clients often have numerous questions such as:

  • What is joint custody?
  • How does the court decide custody?
  • How is child support determined?
  • What if one parent has to move to a different state?

Experienced family law attorney Kevin R. Lynch can answer these and any other questions related to your child custody case. We understand that fathers and mothers want to have rights to their children and we work hard to safeguard those rights, including protecting your parenting time with each child.

Assisting Michigan grandparents and third parties with custody

In the state of Michigan, there is a presumption in favor of the biological parent when deciding custody of a child. Thus, it is difficult for a grandparent or third party to challenge a biological parent for custody. However, if the biological parents are deceased, unfit or unstable, an experienced Eastpointe, Clinton Township and Warren child custody attorney will assist grandparents in obtaining a successful outcome.

Modifying custody orders in Eastpointe, MI

At some point, you or your former spouse may want to alter the terms of your custody agreement. Whether the modification is necessary due to an emergency situation such as abuse of the child, or simply due to a change in work schedules of one of the parents, we are prepared and ready to help you. We assist you with negotiating the change in the agreement with your ex-spouse or, if necessary, take the matter to court.

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