Family Law

Experienced Family Law Firm Serves Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties At the Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C., we understand the toll that family law concerns can take. Our firm offers comprehensive legal support in divorces, child custody disput… Read More


Divorce Lawyer Assists Residents of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties At the Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C., we know that divorce is hard. It has an impact on almost every aspect of your life, so we strive to reach a favorable resolution for y… Read More

Divorce FAQs

At the Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch, we provide comprehensive counsel to help residents across Sterling Heights, MI navigate the divorce process. You can count on us to provide honest, accurate answers to all of your questions regarding marriage dis… Read More

Child Custody

We Help Parents in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties When children are involved in a divorce or the breakup of an unmarried couple, numerous concerns arise. Arrangements need to be made regarding legal custody, which refers to the authority parents… Read More

Parenting Time

Protecting Your Time With Your Children At the Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C., we have a thorough understanding of Michigan’s family law code and the cases that interpret it. We use this knowledge to protect our client’s interests and avoid… Read More

Marital Property Division

When a married couple gets a divorce in Michigan, state law requires the division of marital property. If the spouses cannot reach an agreement, the court decides the property division under the principle of equitable distribution. At the Law Offices… Read More

Divorce Modifications

Assisting Michigan Clients in Changing the Terms of Alimony and Support Agreements During a Michigan divorce, the parties often reach agreements governing child custody, spousal support and child support. As circumstances change, these agreements bec… Read More

Divorce Mediation

When the spouses in a Michigan divorce case cannot resolve issues themselves, the alternative dispute resolution process of divorce mediation sometimes enables the spouses to solve disagreements without court involvement. Divorce mediation may be use… Read More

Grandparents' Rights

The State of Michigan has specific laws that govern grandparents’ rights to spend time with a grandchild. In limited circumstances when a parent and grandparent cannot agree on the terms of grandparenting time (visitation), a grandparent may petiti… Read More

Spousal Support

Sterling Heights Lawyer Works to Help Clients Obtain Fair Spousal Support Terms in Their Divorce Alimony is designed to ensure that someone who relied on their spouse’s income can meet their financial needs following the end of their marriage. The… Read More

Child Support

Michigan Firm Helps Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents When parents divorce or live apart without ever having married, child support can be a major point of contention. The Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C. in Sterling Heights helps parents make… Read More