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The legal team at the Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C. knows that you and the children in your custodial care may require financial support after a divorce. Spousal support is designed to assess the income and needs of both spouses to ensure that the divorce does not impoverish either party. We are equipped to handle tough litigation or amicable negotiations. Let us use our years of experience to ensure that you get the financial support you deserve.

Creating a clear-cut case for spousal support in Eastpointe, MI

Outside of child custody issues, one of the most common questions we get in a divorce case is how the court determines spousal support. Below are a few factors considered by Michigan courts in calculating support for each spouse:

  • The length of the spouses’ marriage
  • Either spouse’s earning abilities or ability to work
  • The source and amount of assets awarded to each party through marital property division, and the income-earning potential of those assets
  • The prior standard of living of the parties
  • The alimony recipient’s responsibility for the support of others
  • General principles of fairness

Warren spousal support lawyer Kevin R. Lynch walks you through the various factors and how they apply to your individual circumstances.

How long does a spousal support payment order last?

Awards of spousal support are rarely permanent. A Michigan judge has the discretion to order payments for a temporary period or to postpone final determination of the issue for a future date. If the court grants a final order of alimony, it can only be modified based on proof that there has been a change of circumstances. Examples of a change in circumstances include:

  • Reduction or increase in income
  • Payor’s loss of employment
  • Cost-of-living increase
  • Change in law
  • Decreased need for support
  • Disability

As an experienced Eastpointe family law attorney, we can assist you in seeking modification of a spousal support award.

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