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Protecting Your Time With Your Children

At the Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C., we have a thorough understanding of Michigan’s family law code and the cases that interpret it. We use this knowledge to protect our client’s interests and avoid pitfalls in the divorce process. Each child is the most precious thing in a parent’s life, so we are tenacious in fighting for your parenting time. Our highest priority is helping you secure the best possible results in your family law disputes. It is our goal to provide affordable and proven legal representation to families in Macomb County, Roseville, Sterling Heights, and Warren, MI.

Reaching Amicable Visitation Resolutions in Eastpointe and Sterling Heights, MI

Parenting time may be established in a custody action, a divorce action and even in a child support case. The Michigan Parenting Time Guideline assists divorcing parents in creating their own schedule for visitation with their children, which the court enforces. If an agreement cannot be reached, courts in Macomb or St. Clair County consider numerous factors in determining parenting time. Some of the factors include:

  • The existence of any special circumstances or needs of the child
  • Whether the parent is nursing the child
  • Reasonable likelihood of abuse or neglect of the child
  • The threatened or actual detention of the child with the intent to retain or conceal the child from the person who has legal custody
  • Inconvenience to, and burdensome impact or effect on, the child in traveling to and from the parenting time
  • Whether the parent has frequently failed to exercise reasonable parenting time

As an experienced family law, we understand that every family has its own unique circumstances, so we help you craft a schedule that is in the best interests of each child.

What Options Are Available for Parenting Time?

Visitation issues often involve where and when the children spend their time, including the following:

  • Weekends
  • Mid-week
  • Holidays
  • Summers
  • School breaks
  • Birthdays

It must be determined whether visitation should be supervised or unsupervised; other issues that should be addressed include telephone or internet contact between the child and non-custodial parent. Kevin R. Lynch assists our clients with anticipating the various circumstances that should be addressed in determining parenting time.

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