Divorce I'm a 67 yr old man, so I've dealt with several Lawyers. Kevin R Lynch is not your tipical Lawyer. He's a very compitent Lawyer whose's primary focus is not his fee's. His communication skill, in laymen's terms, are excellent, and he will spend the time necessary to insure that both you, and him, understand the facts about your case. Kevin is a very approchable person, friendly and calm, but can also aggressively persue a issue when necessary. Kevin did this for me during my nasty divorce. It involved a life insurance policy for my disabled Daughter where she was the Bennifichary and of course my wife and her Lawyer wanted it cashed in and split. Kiven really fought for this because of my fellings about this, which were based on principals not the fine print of the law. I would recomend him to the most important people in my life,because he is an honerable man, and a great Lawyer Don Goddard User
Mr. Lynch took me on as a client in the middle of my case and couldn’t have been a bigger help. He worked with me and got me the outcome for my case I was looking for. I would highly recommend him as an attorney for anyone going through a similar situation.
Clayton Tistle
He was direct to the point and very effecient. Ws found him to be true to his word and fairly priced.
Patrick Haire
One of the best decisions I ever made was hiring Kevin to be my lawyer for a divorce I was going through. He ensured me that he would be with me every step of the way and only a phone call away if I needed anything. Kevin got me everything I asked for in the divorce and I couldn’t be more happier with how everything turned out. I truly appreciate his help and respect him for being a man of his word.
De'Shawn Birden
Divorce After contacting a few attorneys, I decided to retain Kevin. One of the best choices I've ever made. I was seeking an annulment, NOT a divorce. Kevin came through for me and I obtained my annulment. If you want a lawyer who is no nonsense and honest, Kevin is your guy. He fought for what I wanted and won. Highly recommend. Thanks, Kevin! User
Kevin was fantastic, and helped me finally get out of an abusive marriage. He was patient with my requests and pushed me to make good choices for myself. I would trust him with with any legal advice. Thank you sir for helping me break the cycle!
Jarod Ray
I have in my life been involved in multiple legal situations over multiple different types of law. One that I hoped to never be involved in but unfortunately had to be was divorce. For my divorce case I hired Kevin Lynch. On my first meeting with him his bearing of quiet confidence gave me confidence so I hired him without even meeting any other lawyers. And boy am I glad that I did. Kevin is by far the most effective and efficient attorney I have ever witnessed and believe me I have witnessed quite a few. If you want a lawyer who will talk straight and honest to you at all times and represent you with complete fervor. Who will always be honest with you and deliver the most beneficial outcome possible look no further. Kevin was an absolute champion for me and he will also be for you.
Matt Thomas
Kevin represented me in two separate cases, both of which he did a phenomenal job. He ensured I wouldn't get the short end of the stick when it came to my parental rights during my divorce. He also sucessfully defended my daughter in a very tough case involving a dog attack. 1000% would recommend.
Rob Clooney
My case is not final yet but I've been very happy with the services so far, it's not easy being a man and going for custody especially in Michigan no matter what kind of evidence you have against the other parent! I've been promised alot from other attorneys and screwed over by them majorly but Mr Lynch has impressed me very much and I will continue to use him as my attorney if I ever need family law services again!
Michael Casbar
After having to hire 2 useless attorneys prior to hiring Kevin I was a nervous wreck going into yet again another custody trial. Kevin made everything simple, he didn’t over charge me for every little thing, and most importantly I got exactly what I wanted. I would 100% recommend you stop your search for an attorney and hire Kevin, you will not be disappointed.
amra latic
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