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At the Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C., we know that divorce is hard. It has an impact on almost every aspect of your life, so we strive to reach a resolution for you and your family in the least disruptive way possible. Our legal team is equipped to fight for your best interests while being sensitive during the painful divorce process. We stand beside our clients, providing thoughtful advice at each step along the way.

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According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, in 2011, Macomb County had 4,570 marriages and 2,831 divorces. St. Clair County had 921 marriages and 638 divorces. With so many couples terminating their marriages, the demand for competent legal guidance is large. We are here to provide you legal help with our detailed knowledge of Michigan’s divorce laws, giving you an advantage in achieving the results you want.

Understanding the divorce process

Michigan is a “no fault” divorce state. This means that either spouse may file for divorce without a specific reason other than the desire to end the marriage. While no two divorces are the same, below is a summary of the process for a basic divorce:

  • The person initiating the divorce files a complaint with the court.
  • The spouse typically files an answer to the complaint and the case proceeds. If no answer is filed within 21 days after service, a default judgment may be entered.
  • If the parties do not have children, they generally must wait at least 2 months before the court finalizes the divorce.
  • If the parties have children, they generally must wait at least 6 months before the divorce is finalized.

Divorces are much more complex when the parties cannot agree on matters such as:

We are equipped to assist you with all family law disputes related to your divorce. At the Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C., both men and women find compassionate, experienced assistance with divorce and its related issues.

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