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When you’ve been accused of a crime, there is no substitute for a proven defense attorney. The Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C. battles on behalf of Michigan clients who have been charged with felonies and misdemeanors. Attorney Kevin R. Lynch has more than 20 years of experience and a track record of successful results in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. Located in Sterling Heights, our firm provides high-level criminal defense representation.

Defending against various types of drug crimes

Though Michigan now allows adults 21 and over to possess an amount of marijuana consistent with personal use, strict drug laws still exist, even for offenses involving marijuana when the requisite rules and procedures are not followed. Our firm strives to help clients avoid convictions and harsh penalties in cases related to allegations such as:

  • Possession — If you’re caught holding an illegal controlled substance, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony depending on the substance and amount involved.
  • Distribution — You face several years in prison if you are found guilty of selling an illegal drug, with enhanced sentences for distribution near schools, libraries or public parks.
  • Cultivation and manufacture — Convictions for the illegal growth or manufacture of substances are punished seriously. For dangerous narcotics such as heroin, even a small amount could lead to a felony sentence of up to 20 years.

Drug prosecutions are often based on unlawfully collected evidence or misinterpretations on the part of law enforcement. We challenge the actions of police and prosecutors to help defeat meritless charges and advocate for treatment and other alternatives to incarceration where appropriate.

What crimes are considered felonies?

A felony charge could lead to extended incarceration and the loss of rights even after you are released. These cases demand a dedicated defense attorney who excels in both the courtroom and during plea negotiations. Attorney Kevin Lynch safeguards the fundamental rights of clients facing all types of felony charges, including the following:

  • Violent crimes, such as murder and manslaughter
  • Sexual offenses
  • Felony drug crimes
  • Robbery
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Weapons charges
  • Fraud, computer offenses and other white-collar crimes
  • Home invasion

Don’t hesitate to retain legal counsel if you’ve been arrested in connection with a felony charge. What you say and do when you’re first taken into custody could have a significant effect on the outcome of your case.

What is a misdemeanor?

There are three levels of misdemeanors in Michigan. Lower-level cases carry a maximum jail sentence of 93 days. More serious charges can lead to a year behind bars. Most serious are high-court misdemeanors, punishable by up to two years in prison and up to a $2,000 fine. Specific offenses classified as misdemeanors include:

  • Assault and battery
  • Reckless driving
  • Larceny involving a value between $200 and $1,000
  • Use of a controlled substance
  • Domestic assault

Judges often have the flexibility in misdemeanor cases to offer alternatives to incarceration. When appropriate, we seek to reduce charges so that a defendant is able to complete their sentence through community service, probation or substance abuse treatment.

Drunk driving offenses

Michigan statutes include two types of drunk-driving offenses. Motorists whose blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeds the legal limit (.08 percent in most cases) can be charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). However, you can be arrested for Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI) even if your breathalyzer result is below the reading required for an OWI. A first offense for either type of DUI charge could lead to a fine, license suspension, community service hours or jail time of up to 93 days, or 180 days with a BAC of .17 or higher. Penalties are increased for a second offense within seven years, including mandatory incarceration and a maximum one-year sentence. Third offenders could face multiple years in jail and a minimum of 30 days’ incarceration if community service is also part of the punishment. No matter what the authorities say, you should consult with an experienced attorney to learn what defenses might be available. An improper stop, sloppy handling of test results or an arrest that lacked the necessary legal grounds could lead to a dismissal or lesser charge.

Domestic violence

A domestic assault or a domestic assault and battery involves the use or threat of violence against a spouse, former spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, roommate or family member. There might also be civil legal action if the person making the complaint seeks a personal protection order. An order of this type could prevent the subject from entering certain areas and communicating with the alleged victim. These cases should be taken very seriously, even if you believe the charges are unwarranted. Our firm is dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and guarding against unjust punishment, which could include incarceration, a fine, infringement of custody rights, career consequences and reputational harm.

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