Michigan Lawyer Protects Clients’ Rights in Criminal Cases

Law firm provides strong defense in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties

From the minute you are arrested, police and prosecutors are looking to build a case against you. At Law Offices of Kevin R. Lynch P.L.C. in Eastpointe and Clinton Township, we ensure that individuals charged with crimes are not intimidated into surrendering their rights. Attorney Kevin Lynch has more than 15 years of experience delivering strong advocacy to clients facing charges in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. Our firm handles a full range of criminal matters on behalf of defendants, including litigation relating to drug charges and operating a vehicle while intoxicated. We are staunch advocates for each client and work to achieve the best possible result even when the odds seem insurmountable.

Accomplished attorney advises defendants facing any type of accusation

We represent Michigan clients in all types of criminal prosecutions:

  • Felonies — Serious crimes carry severe penalties, demanding a dedicated defense attorney who excels in both the courtroom and during plea negotiations. We advocate for clients who are accused of drug crimes, drunk driving, assaults, domestic violence, sex crimes, motor vehicle crimes, fraud, theft, robbery, weapons charges, home invasion, fleeing and eluding, breaking and entering, resisting and obstructing, computer crimes, child abuse and all felonies.
  • Misdemeanors — Even when long jail sentences are not at stake, a criminal conviction can threaten your ability to obtain the job or home that you want. Our firm assists with counts including theft, retail fraud, domestic violence, drunk driving, disorderly persons and all misdemeanors.
  • Drug crimes — If you’ve been charged with the possession, sale or manufacture of drugs, we can help confront both misdemeanor and felony counts. Whenever appropriate, we seek results that involve treatment instead of incarceration for our clients.
  • License restoration
  • Expungements

Our firm offers a free initial consultation so you can get the immediate legal support you need to protect your rights.

Skilled advocate challenges allegations of drunk driving

Even a first conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, or OWI, can have severe consequences, especially if a harmful crash resulted. If you have been charged with OWI, commonly referred to as DUI, we can advise you regarding legal issues relating to:

  • Bodily alcohol content testing — In Michigan, an adult driver is considered to be intoxicated if their bodily alcohol content is .08 percent or higher. However, the limits are stricter for commercial vehicle operators (.04) and even stricter for motorists under 21, who are considered to be legally impaired at only .02 percent. We challenge tests that were improperly administered or whose results have been tainted.
  • Refusing the test — Under the legal principle of implied consent, anyone who drives on Michigan roads is considered to have given their consent to chemical testing by law enforcement when that driver is arrested on suspicion of OWI. A first refusal to take an OWI test results in a fine and an automatic one-year license suspension, which could be longer than the suspension of someone actually convicted of drunk driving for the first time.
  • Allegations of driving while on drugs — Even if you are not showing any visible effects of being impaired by drugs, if a chemical test indicates the presence of a controlled substance like marijuana or cocaine, you are subject to OWI charges.

In their zealous pursuit of drunk drivers, law enforcement officers frequently make errors such as improper stops and poor test sample handling. Our firm conducts a thorough review to challenge any flaws in law enforcement’s procedures and give you the best chance at a positive outcome.

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